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High Occupancy Rates.

Flexibility in our management services

What Home Sweet Home does best is protect your property from damage while maintaining high occupancy rates and making your investment a profit center. Here's a snapshot of how we do that:

100% Property Management Focused

Home Sweet Home is a property management specialist. All of our resources and personnel are devoted entirely to our clients' property. This means that all of our documentation and processes are designed to maximize your profit.


We have a following of quality tenants, and your home will rent fast. People love to rent from us, because we make them feel like they have found their home. We take the time to place families in the right homes with the right owners. We also advertise in the following ways: all vacancies are posted to our web site as soon as we receive notice from the tenant that they are moving, Post listings to Craig's List, Newspaper advertising, Follow us on Facebook, Yard Signs, office signs and various advertising in local publications and sponsorships.

Tenant Screening

We have made a big investment in technology which allows us to pull the most detailed credit, criminal and eviction reports available. We than verify income, check references and often drive by prior residence. We do not accept just any rental application. We consult with our owners and we know the level of risk they're comfortable with. We guide clients through their rental options to mitigate losses and obtain optimal tenants.

Move In - Move Out and periodic Inspections and Documentation

We are loss management experts. We know what needs to be documented (even the inside of the oven). Noting everything ahead of time means the tenant, not the owner, pays for damages caused by them. Our documentation is extensive, and our thoroughness and systems create time-tested loss management processes.

Positive Tenant Experience

We are keenly aware that most tenants know within the first 30 days whether they will renew their lease. If they have a positive experience from the start, they are far more likely to remain a long-term tenant. Cultivating a positive, professional relationship with tenants means that they have a greater sense that they have found home – translating into a long-term, more profitable arrangement for the property owner.

Rent collection is effective and efficient

Our Technology investment pays off big. Our office is designed for rent collection. Because our technology is based on Cloud Computing, we can issue receipts in the field via our I Pads and I phones, and our technology allows us to electronically transfer funds directly into your account. Our technology tracks late paying tenants and automatically initiates our rent collections systems. Our rent collection systems are regarded as the industries best practices.

Property Maintenance

Keeping a property well maintained goes along way to keeping tenants happy and longer occupancies, which translate to more profit from your investment.

We have in house maintenance technicians on staff, but we also use independent contractors when necessary. Our in house staff can typically provide higher quality work, get the job done faster and do the work for 40% less money than an independent contractor can.

Our technicians are also more in tune with determining the cause of the maintenance issue and whether the tenant or the owner should pay for repairs.

Reduced Legal Liability

Liability management is priceless! Owners need not be experts on state and federal regulations in order to remain in compliance; we make that easy. We operate only with the most current information and contracts, and we make remaining abreast of the latest laws a priority. If for any reason an eviction becomes necessary, we handle all of the details and obtain the services of an attorney to ensure that we are in compliance.

Risk Free Guarantee

We take great pride in the services we provide and gladly stand behind them with our ironclad, no risk guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our services, you can cancel our agreement (subject to signed leases that we have placed).

Easy Planning and Clear Expectations

With our simple fee structure, there are no "swings" in monthly billing. You're not nickel-and-dimed, offering you budgetary peace of mind.